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Grant Park – Atlanta, Georgia

Grant Park encompasses Atlanta, Georgia’s oldest city park and its surrounding Victorian neighborhood. This residential area occupies at least 430 acres of rolling terrain featuring school buildings, commercial clusters, recreational buildings, Lemuel P. Grant’s 1858 mansion, the Atlanta Stockade, Fort Walker, and many impressive churches.

The park is also home to Oakland Cemetery, the final resting place of Bobby Jones and Margaret Mitchel, Atlanta’s former mayors and governors, and many Civil War victims.

Rambling Victorian mansions, early 20th-century bungalows, small cottages, and brick-paved sidewalks characterize the area. Visit the streets to the east of the park and interact with these old buildings.

The distinctive landscape of Grant Park consists of rolling hills and picturesque vistas. The neighborhood’s narrow rectangular plots and grid-street pattern that developed in the late 19th to early 20th century represent the residential plan of this era. Mature trees line the streets and retaining walls form an important part of the topography.

The Park

Located at the center of one of the oldest areas in Atlanta, Grant Park offers a serene natural oasis in the city. With over 130 acres of land, the park is home to miles of jogging and walking paths, along with the Atlanta Cyclorama & Civil War Museum and Zoo Atlanta. Just a few blocks north, you’ll see the historic Oakland Cemetery.

This park has provided a respite for city dwellers as an excellent spot for recreation and amusement throughout its existence. The retention of the neighborhood’s landscape architecture, street patterns, and public amenities from its original era makes the park extremely valuable.


In 1883, Lemuel P. Grant donated a parkland to the city of Atlanta, Georgia. It’s around this 100-acre area that Grant Park started developing. Much of this development came as a result of Grant’s decisions. In 1890, the city acquired an additional 44 acres for the park.

When the city received donated animals from a local lumber merchant, George Gress in 1889, they decided to place a zoo in Grant Park. They also carved out space for attractions. The park is now under the management of the Grant Park Conservancy.

A Place for Festivals

Grant Park hosts many of Atlanta’s famed festivals year-round, including the Pic’n in Grant Park BBQ & Music Festival and the Halloween Lantern Parade. Each of these events attracts thousands of attendees and offers fun for the entire family.

Shop! Shop! Shop!

Are you in love with shopping? Then the Grant Park Farmers Market is where to be on Sunday every year from April to December. Pick whatever you want from over sixty vendors that the market offers before enjoying special events and celebrity chef demonstrations. Need a bite? Just stroll down Boulevard or Memorial Drive, and you’ll find numerous eateries.

Visit Grant Park

Are you interested in visiting Grant Park? The park and its surrounding Victorian neighborhood have everything you’d ever want, from historical findings to great shopping and amazing food. If that isn’t enough, then the numerous annual festivals can provide an extra edge.