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Piedmont Park – Atlanta, Georgia

Located in the heart of Midtown, Piedmont Park is one of Atlanta’s most frequented sites. It boasts 200 acres of green space with walking trails, playgrounds, tennis courts, and much more.

There’s no shortage of things to do at Piedmont Park—from Atlanta’s favorite festivals, sports at the Active Oval, and Saturday’s Green Market to the educational garden and off-leash dog parks, you are never short of options.

Fulfill Your Fitness Goals

With the vast space that Piedmont Park offers, you can easily achieve your fitness goals. Strolling or jogging around the beautiful park is always an entertaining and invigorating activity. Water fountains are scattered along the miles of the park’s walking paths for your enjoyment.

Many people have discovered that the park is a perfect destination for all sports from swimming and bicycling to fitness classes and Bocce Courts. Visit the Active Oval playing areas to access a running track, softball and soccer fields, and sand volleyball courts. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the summer Atlanta sun.

Love the Dogs

If you’ve been looking for a park in Atlanta that allows dogs to run free, then Piedmont Park is perfect for you. Join the over 700,000 visitors that come to this special three-acre off-leash area annually. Recognized as one of the best dog parks in Georgia by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Piedmont Park is a retreat for both dogs and humans.

The dog park features shaded areas, water stations, benches, and nearby restrooms. The Piedmont Park Conservancy carries out all the maintenance work, relying on the donations that come from the community and sponsors.

Visit the Green Market

With the famous Green Market, Saturday mornings can’t get better. Serving Midtown and its surrounding areas with fresh, clean, local food, this farmers market operates from March to December in the 12th Street and Piedmont Avenue Gate.

Come with your children and on-leash dogs to experience rotating activities and vibrant live music while supporting local farmers and businesses. The Green Market is looking for empty stomachs! Complement the fresh produce and meats with refreshing beverages and delicious coffee.

Get Ready to Learn

Piedmont Park is one of the greatest venues to get an outdoor learning experience in Atlanta. The Conservancy provides hands-on summer camps that center on STEM-based topics and experiential learning. The nearby schools and groups also benefit from ongoing field trips.

Take young people along with you to learn about natural and organic methods of gardening in the Park’s Education Garden and Apiary that showcases plants and their growth. Understand how you can cultivate and utilize beneficial microorganisms through proper soil maintenance, cover cropping, and compositing.

Visit Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park is a perfect spot for those who are looking for an ultimate outdoor experience. Whether you’re a dog lover, fitness buff, educator, or shopping lover, you’ll satisfy your inner cravings. There’s something for everyone and plenty for everyone to do in Piedmont Park. So, start packing your bags today.