We opened Down the Rabbit Hole Elopements for brides who are being affected by this awful virus. We have put our feet in their shoes and feel all the feelings they might be experiencing during this season of their life. We truly hope we can be a part of your journey. 

We understand there is a lot going on with venues and trying to change the date, a lot of panic, a lot of unknown right now. We want to take that off your plate right now. Our hope is.. you have a small intimate elopement in an unforgettable location. Then, a year from now, or even later on down the road, you can still have your wedding or even just a big party with all your loved ones. This means… twice the fun, twice the experience, twice the memories, twice wearing your dress, twice the emotions, twice the anniversaries! Even though we can’t help what’s going on in the world right now but we can help how we accept it and move past the obstacles that are in our way. Let’s get ya married girl!!! XX

Below we mention only photography, most of the brides already have a photographer at this time. By all means, we still want your photographer to come along on this journey. We do NOT want you guys to loose any of your deposits!! On our elopement experience, this is why you only see video! We thought this was an amazing touch to any couples journey. We will be documenting behind the scenes, the emotions, the hike, and everything in between. The couple then can showcase their elopement day with loved ones- their emotional, beautiful elopement journey and re-live that day with all of them. We guarentee, there will not be a dry eye in the room. 

We have a lot of ‘out of the box’ options for you and your elopement locations- TONNS!!!! If you have a budget, please let us know and we will do everything we can to try to make it happen. We are here for you during this time- today, tomorrow and always.  

Elopement Experience

Starting at $1,100

We will help with location, planner/ supporter, videographer, Hair and Makeup artists, florals and a bottle of champagne.

We provide a lot of add on options like a charcuterie board, photos, officiant.

This package below is if you decide to have a wedding/ reception with us as well as an elopement. We would love to be a part of the whole experience. 

5hrs Wedding after the elopement experience

Starting at $2,100

We will have a day of coordinator/ supporter, photographer, and a projector to display the video from the elopement.

We also provide a lot of add on options- videography, mobile wagon for your bartending needs, caterer, decor, baker, tables, chairs, linens and so much more.

We hope we can be a part of your journey! We can’t wait to meet you and hear your story!!! Let’s get married!!!!

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