Jasmin and Troy 10/10/2020

Jasmine and Troy

Welcome to your Italian countryside wedding. 💚

Jasmin and Troy wanted nothing more than a country side Italian themed wedding. We decorated the venue space with oversized beautiful floor lanterns to light the path of their new journey together. 

The guest tables were absolutely stunning with a table linen centerpiece to give more depth that was surrounded by eucalyptus stems and floating candles.

The sweetheart table was draped with a breathtaking eucalyptus garland with a touch of florals through out. In front of their table were more stunning floor lanterns to give them that Italian countryside feel. Above their heads we hung eucalyptus and florals with beautiful candles through out and even ones that hung down. 

We placed candles, lanterns and eucalyptus through out the buffet table, entry way, gift table, bar top and wherever else we could find a place. Needless to say….

This was a magical, romantic and breathtaking wedding. To top it off their venue sat on top of rolling hills with donkeys and horses as their backdrop!