Hi Friends! Have you seen our wagon around town yet? Or how about our feature segment in the MunaLuchi Bride, Every Bride or Two Bright Lights?
Since I have started my Mobile Açaí Wagon, yes, this is what it was going to be called, but I have gotten a lot of request for other unique and fun options- Ice Cream Bars | Ice Cream Float Bars | Donut Bars | Champagne Bars | Mimosa Bars | Candy Bars | S’more Bars and so much more. I am constantly customizing my catering options for you and your needs. I would love to be a part of your special day.  Please message me and let’s work it out.  
Did you know I was going to call my wagon the Açaí wagon? YUP SURE WAS. This all started for multiple reasons. First, I am always in the kitchen making my boys Açaí bowls whether it was for breakfast, snack, lunch or dessert- they were always wanting one. Who else is obsessed with Açaí bowls.  Second, I wish I had this mobile wagon at my wedding! Food trucks were limited back then, but they were either too loud or too big to fit into the space I wanted one.  Lastly, I wanted to bring the fun to you…I customize my wagon treats and decor to make your event one heck of a night to remember and unique. My wagon never has the same decor.

Ice Cream Bar | S’more Bar | Champagne Bar and so Much More

If you are looking for that perfect touch at your special event, you came to the right place! From weddings, birthdays, school events, to corporate events, or just your weekend party! We are small, on wheels and can even fit in your home!  Hire the most reliable, cutest and the only mobile wagon service in Atlanta, Georgia! Our mobile wagon delivers all organic, non GMO, soy free, gluten free açaí bowls wherever you need it—we believe açaí bowls are the best thing ever and the perfect touch that your guests will be talking about for years!!! BUT, don’t forget we now have a lot more than just Açaí.
Donuts, ice cream bars, candy bars, s’more bars, trail mix bar, champagne bars, full service bar- yes we are license and insured. I know a lot of venues do not pour or provide alcohol at weddings, but we sure do have that option.
You are probably wondering what the heck is Açaí? Well, there are several unwarranted food trends out there such as Cronuts and kombucha. However, the Brazilian superfood, Açaí deserves 100-percent of the buzz it’s getting!! This special superfood boasts numerous health benefits, but its greatest selling point is definitely the taste served in our cute little mobile wagon. 
Açaí is a delicious tropical fruit, and when it is served as a smoothie in a bowl, it’s sure to make your guests smile and ask for more. It looks and almost tastes like ice cream. We do not add any sugar or juices. Our bowls will make you feel great about your breakfast, lunch or snack choices. The common topping for our Açaí bowls are granola, peanut butter, nuts, coconut shavings and fruits. An Açaí bowl doesn’t just make you feel happily full for several hours and satisfy your sweet craving, it’s also good for you! Our Açaí comes natural- nothing added just the berry frozen!
If you’re in Atlanta, Georgia or the surrounding areas, you won’t find a better Açaí bowl than those offered at Haylan Events. You can follow our ‘food truck’ as it moves throughout the region or just contact us when you need to feed a crowd. We’ll gladly provide you with a thirst-quenching, hunger-punching antioxidant kick from our mobile wagon. Remember, we now offer so many different various food options.
We are an all-natural, all-organic, non GMO, soy free, gluten free bar on wheels. We scoop all our bowls right in front of you and don’t add preservatives or sugar to our preparations. Get pure, fresh and unfiltered delicacies from our mobile wagon. All our Açaí bowls are guaranteed to make your day better with a smile and a conversation starter!
What sets us apart from our competitors is that we are small, mobile, and can fit into any space, even inside your home! We also purchase our products daily. We understand that this costs more, but that’s part of what it takes to offer our customers the best Açaí bowl in Atlanta.
Whether you’re in or out of your office, at home or planning a wedding, we can make your day special with Açaí bowls, Ice cream bars, Champagne bars, candy bars, and much more catering items. With us, you get the best of the best and one heck of a good time!  
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